Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We're All Fat Cats Here!

In our quest to keep the aisles here filled with the finest local and not-so-local malted products, we paid a visit up-island to the lucky metropolis of Nanaimo and found this yummy stuff!

Here's what they have to say about their beer:
Fat Cat Brewery uses no additives, ever. No sugar, no pre-gelatinized rice, no pre-gelatinized corn, no cornstarch, no molasses, no seaweed, no synthetic clarifiers, etc. Just Nanaimo water which happens to be just perfect for brewing beer, hops, malt and yeast, all made from scratch.

Our brew house is very “hands” on, no push buttons to this brewery. Our beer is not pasteurized so we cold micro filter our bottled beers. By doing this it helps extend shelf life. Fat Cat Brewery Beers are listed on the official Vegan list too.
Thanks for keeping the seaweed out, guys! (And I hope you got your fabulous Nanaimo water from west of the city and not to the east....)

There's lots more information on their website; we're bringing in their IPA, Honey, Black & Tan, Porter -- and for the adventurous among you, their "Old Bad Cat Barley Wine": 11.5% alcohol, and conditioned in oak bourbon barrels. (The labels of this last one are dated with the year of production as well, so it's plain that they expect it to age gracefully!)

Welcome to Spiritmerchants, Fat Cat! Is this a great island or what?!