Saturday, December 13, 2008

News Flash---Bundy is Back!

Demand has been huge; the phone has been ringing off the hook; but finally we got another ten cases of the Bundaberg back in the store---we're down to 99 bottles of Bundy in the wall as I write this. If one of the bottles should happen to fall, let it fall under your Christmas tree!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finally---New Amsterdam is here!

Remember How I rhapsodized in this space a while ago about a Gin interesting enough that you could make martinis without the vermouth? Well, here's another one! Fabulous flavour and a modest price make New Amsterdam unbeatable---pass the olives!

Monday, November 17, 2008

"The Sortilege is back" is back!

That didn't take long---we ran through the last of our ten cases of Sortilege this last weekend! But fear not, maple fanciers: 20 more cases will arrive this week, just in time for your Grey Cup party, your Hockey Night in Canada party, or your It's-Friday-Night-and-We're-Gonna-Eat- Pancakes party!

Monday, November 3, 2008

For those of you who blinked and missed the Phillips Crooked Tooth....

It's coming back! In fack, it's here!! For a limited time only! Phillips Dirty Squirrel Hazelnut Brown is worth all the exclamation points we can throw at it!!

Renowned on Vancouver Island from coast to coast---and even farther afield---for its sweet hazelnut-and-chocolate flavor, Dirty Squirrel returns to Spiritmerchants for what may turn out to be the mere blink of an eye---last year we had trouble keeping our patrons from unloading the truck themselves!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Just in from Bermuda---Gosling's Family Reserve Rum!

Looking for a prestige gift for the rum-fancier on your list? Looking for a terrific bottle for yourself? Well, we've just taken delivery of a couple of cases of the nicest rum anybody here's seen in a month of Tuesdays---Gosling's Family Reserve! But don't take my word for it; have a look at what has to say:

"To the nose, Gosling's Old Rum strikes of duality - cool light overtones counterbalanced with warm spicy undertones, along with a hint of plums beneath (a fruity, pleasant smell that I couldn't quite place, but once a neighbor identified it as plum, it was truly unmistakeable.)

"On the tongue, Gosling's Old is sweet and heavy. Like many fine rums, it carries as much sensation as flavor, tingling through the mouth and providing a surprisingly instant feeling of comfort to the throat and chest. It tastes of oak and aged fruit, while still clinging tightly to its core rum heritage.

"Gosling's Old is more refined and approachable than Gosling's Black Seal. But - unlike with so many other rums - this premium option doesn't reduce its market-level cousin's standing so much as it offers a refreshing alternative. I will continue to enjoy Gosling's Black Seal on a regular basis without pining for the technically superior Gosling's Old. Rather, Black Seal will continue on as a beloved staple in my rum collection for ordinary consumtion, while Gosling's Old will be untouched save for special occasions."
Who am I to argue with that? The line forms on the left.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't worry - the Crooked Tooth is coming back!

Our first shipment of Phillips Crooked Tooth disappeared so quickly that it hardly had time to hit the floor! But don't despair---we're getting 10 more cases on October 30th! Be there early, or be there disappointed!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Now Playing at a Spiritmerchants store near you: Bundaberg Rum & Cola!

It was bound to happen---Spiritmerchants' most requested rum, pre-packaged in its most popular final form! Available to even the most modest Australian since 1985, we've only just received a huge order of Bundaberg Rum & Cola, which we're offering up in either singles or 6-packs! A Spinnaker's exclusive!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Victoria Gin is here again!

It's finally back! After months of our waiting by the window with a hurricane lamp, we can just catch sight of Winchester Cellars finally coming into view with a load of their fantastic, locally-made Victoria Gin!

Here's what its maker has to say about it: "Victoria Gin blends ten organic and wild botanicals, from juniper berries to rose petals, and balances the characteristic evergreen flavor of juniper with notes of citric, floral and spice"

Now, you may disagree as I do with the use of "floral" as a noun, but there's no disagreement about the quality of the product! But wait, there's more--- "Victoria Gin is distilled in small batches in a gleaming handmade wood-fired copper pot-still. Only the middle part of each run, the 'hearts', is saved for bottling. The result is an intensely-flavored spirit that is as full-bodied and complex as a fine single-malt whiskey."

I'm not sure I like the switch from singular to plural ("middle part" to "hearts") in that last bit, but once again, the quality of the product silences all complaint about its promotion! This is great stuff, and it's going to fly off the shelves now that it's here! Come and get it!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Sortilege is Back!

What more can I say about this delightful concoction of Canadian whisky and maple syrup?

This Spinnaker’s exclusive was brought to my attention a couple of years ago by a friend who had to fly home to Quebec to get his beloved Sortilege. With a little hard work we were able to get some into the store, but with word-of-mouth it didn’t take long for a fan base for this beautifully exotic beverage to develop, and the 10 cases we'd picked up didn't last long. Even non-whisky drinkers loved it, with its subtle aromas of vanilla and spice cake---and of course, whiskey and maple.

So months later, the wait is over and Sortilege is back in the store! But with only 10 cases coming in the time to jump on the bandwagon is now---it hasn’t even hit the floor yet and I already have a list of people waiting…. So hurry up and get some Maple Whisky today!