Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Easter Seals Drop Zone -- Still time to donate!

* Not exactly as illustrated

Spiritmerchants' Heroic Duo -- Caitlynn Crawford and Maria Natalia Perri -- will rappel down the face of Victoria's CIBC building to raise donations for Easter Seals on September 17th! It's never too late to donate! Come in to Spiritmerchants at Vic West, goggle at the Courageous Two, and make a donation!

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Here: Phillips Crazy 8's!

You think you're crazy? Phillips Brewing Company is celebrating it's eighth anniversary in business with with "annu-ale" (their phrase, not mine) number eight: Phillips Crazy 8s -- 8% alcohol and 100% fabulous.

The idea is that with each passing year, they'll bring out a celebratory beer that's 1% higher in alcohol than the beer from the year before. Style will evolve with alcohol content; pretty soon it's going to be a fortified malt product! Stick around for the 50th anniversary and we'll all learn something!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

10% Off Craft Beer Products with Beerfest Spinnakers Coupon!

Save that Beerfest program! On the back of it you'll find coupons for a host of Spinnakers products -- including as the jewel in the crown, a coupon worth 10% off any craft beers purchased before October 31st at either our James Bay or Vic West Spiritmerchants stores!

Last Chance for Phillips Gentleman Jim's!

Our already-limited supply of this glorious Phillips one-shot is getting down to the bendin' end -- we've got only about 5 cases left and they're fading fast! Here's what the brewery had to say about it:

This copper ale will hit you with a few flavourful jabs of ginger before walloping you with the full spectrum of taste. This new seasonal is named after legendary prizefighter Gentleman Jim Corbett who changed boxing from a primitive pursuit into the scientific sport it is today. Like Gentleman Jim, this fiery ale is not a heavy puncher, however it can still put you down for the count, but will graciously shake your hand when you come to.

Who am I to argue with eloquence like that? Gome and get it before it's gone!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gone out; back soon....

Stay tuned -- We'll be back up with a host of new products in a day or two!