Friday, October 24, 2008

Just in from Bermuda---Gosling's Family Reserve Rum!

Looking for a prestige gift for the rum-fancier on your list? Looking for a terrific bottle for yourself? Well, we've just taken delivery of a couple of cases of the nicest rum anybody here's seen in a month of Tuesdays---Gosling's Family Reserve! But don't take my word for it; have a look at what has to say:

"To the nose, Gosling's Old Rum strikes of duality - cool light overtones counterbalanced with warm spicy undertones, along with a hint of plums beneath (a fruity, pleasant smell that I couldn't quite place, but once a neighbor identified it as plum, it was truly unmistakeable.)

"On the tongue, Gosling's Old is sweet and heavy. Like many fine rums, it carries as much sensation as flavor, tingling through the mouth and providing a surprisingly instant feeling of comfort to the throat and chest. It tastes of oak and aged fruit, while still clinging tightly to its core rum heritage.

"Gosling's Old is more refined and approachable than Gosling's Black Seal. But - unlike with so many other rums - this premium option doesn't reduce its market-level cousin's standing so much as it offers a refreshing alternative. I will continue to enjoy Gosling's Black Seal on a regular basis without pining for the technically superior Gosling's Old. Rather, Black Seal will continue on as a beloved staple in my rum collection for ordinary consumtion, while Gosling's Old will be untouched save for special occasions."
Who am I to argue with that? The line forms on the left.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't worry - the Crooked Tooth is coming back!

Our first shipment of Phillips Crooked Tooth disappeared so quickly that it hardly had time to hit the floor! But don't despair---we're getting 10 more cases on October 30th! Be there early, or be there disappointed!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Now Playing at a Spiritmerchants store near you: Bundaberg Rum & Cola!

It was bound to happen---Spiritmerchants' most requested rum, pre-packaged in its most popular final form! Available to even the most modest Australian since 1985, we've only just received a huge order of Bundaberg Rum & Cola, which we're offering up in either singles or 6-packs! A Spinnaker's exclusive!