Monday, December 7, 2009

New seasonals from Phillips!

It's back -- and in full bottles, too!
Phillips Instigator's 2009 edition has just been released, to fill that yawning gap in the Phillips release schedule between the Dirty Squirrel and the Hammer Imperial Stout. 8.5% alcohol and stiff enough that you can stand a straw up in it, Instigator is just the thing for the cold snap we're going through right now -- curl up in front of the fire with one while you wait for BC hydro to come and get your heat up and running again!

For the even more adventurous, there's Phillips Deadhead Barley Wine -- an ale with 10% alcohol, and in their words, "as gentle as a log to the bow."

Both of these fine products will be available for only a short time, so don't hesitate -- the weather may turn warm again!